This Savola ghee brand, when awarded to the agency, was a distant number 2 to the company's market leader Rawaby.
After one campaign in 2004, the brand's share jumped from 10% to 19% in one year; without changing any element in the mix, but communication. This jump narrowed the gap with the number 1 brand to only 2 percentage points and since that first campaign, the brand continued growing despite several price increases putting it at par with the market leader.
Today, Ganna owns and leads the yellow butter segment of the ghee, with the runner up a truly distant number two.

Rotato ChipsRotato Chips

The new kid on the block.  This is the best description one could think of when describing the new brand of Potato Chips, that despite the ferocious competition of snacks, and the total dominance of Chipsy, the brand managed to capture 15% share in less than 8 months from its launch in 2008, thanks to the loud imagery and communication created in every element of its mix.
The challenge started from how to make the pack standout, hence grab attention, to the vans, to the sales reps uniforms, to the more apparent elements of outdoor and last, but definitely not the least, TV communication.
Despite the lower level of above the line support compared to the market leader, the campaign turned heads with its bold message of "taste the change" and its different look where, with every step the cast took, everything around them changed into checkered; hence making Rotato's identity dominate the entire screen and look of the ad.
Rotato, being revolutionary in everything, has changed the rules of the game, forcing competition, big and small, to change their packaging in an effort to compete with Rotato's unbeatable checkered design.

Teama Milk TrianglesTeama Milk Triangles

The number one affordable triangle cheese brand had to increase its price, hence, it became no more the symbol for affordability and cheaper brands started eating from it.
When awarded the account, the first mission was to widen the gap with cheaper brands and stop the share loss.
The brand was relaunched with a new look and a campaign was developed using the infamous most popular football player, Abou Treika.
The campaign confirmed leadership and bigness, both in the production values and the choice of the celebrity, as well as the message that stressed on export to more than 36 countries.
The share drain stopped and the brand started to go on the rise again.

In addition to Teama milk triangles, Creative Lab is also handling all other forms of processed cheese as well as white cheese.

TE DataTE Data

In 2003, TE Data was the number two ADSL provider.  Today, it is by far the number one brand.
The growth from number 2 to a strong number 1 happened over 5 years.  The first campaign was a pitch.
The agency did some informal research and it was obvious that the limited growth of the ADSL was due to the fact that the one who actually pays for it, the father, didn't know what it was, so he was never interested in supporting his children's request.  The mother, on the other hand, could not support them either, because she didn’t know, as well, what that ADSL was all about.
Creative Lab created a campaign that brought the whole family on board and educated each family member on how he/she, regardless of age, could enjoy the many rewards of having this "alien" ADSL.  Since that campaign, which won Creative Lab the pitch and some awards later, TE Data confirmed in every single campaign wave its leadership and understanding of its customers.  Following this campaign, was the block buster, the world comes to you, where the picture was bigger than life, depicting and reflecting the bigness of the brand.
This campaign was followed by "why squeeze yourself campaign", where the bigness of TE Data was visualized using the analogy of the pool, car, classroom and bumper cars.  The most recent campaign of "70%" further confirms the leadership and stresses on the reason why TE Data is the biggest and fastest.


In 2008, Creative Lab relaunched Carina, the leading Egyptian bodywear manufacturer and retail brand, with a complete visual makeover in its visual identity coupled with an integrated communication campaign on TV, online, outdoor, print and radio. Since the relaunch, Carina has enjoyed healthy growth rates and have managed to stand strong during the 2009 recession and even gain more growth in these difficult economic times. In addition, Carina managed to widen the gap between competition whether local or low quality imported imitations.

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